Massage that Makes A DIFFERENCE

Dear Ones-yes, each and every one of you! 

It is with a sorrowful but determined heart that I write telling you I am not scheduling massage therapy appointments for an indefinite time due to COVID-19.

I am upset for those of you for whom this means continued physical discomfort and emotional strain. Please change your search up to find other safer means of treatment and maintenance. I include a link to AMTA standards for COVID-19 for your review below.

I will be continually updating a resource list I created to get you started. I am happy to share this with those of you I have worked with and those of you I have yet to meet. Please text me links to resources you have found helpful as well. I will be updating the list as time allows. 

My hope for all of us is that we maintain our health in body, mind and spirit and that those we love are also able to be well.

My deepest wish and aspiration is that I, you and all of us are able to use this time of restriction and hardship to realize the unbound nature of our hearts and the power we have to create a better world for everyone, starting in our own selves and in the relations that make our daily life and extending to those who remain unseen and unmet by us. 

I look forward to & count on the day when I can better ensure your safety and continued well-being while receiving massage therapy.

Until then, be well. Be safe. And be kind, inside and out.

And HOORAH to the brave hearts and kind minds, yours included! 

Yours, Kristina


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Resource List

COVID-19 Massage Therapy Guidelines from the American Massage Therapy Association


Kristina Peary's Resource List (Continually Updated-text your ideas to me!)


Swedish massage for circulation, improved range of motion, and ease

                    Deep tissue addressing specific muscle patterns & pains

                                                                                  Embracing body, mind and spirit - for your wellbeing 

Kristina Peary, LMT- Licensed Massage Therapy

About your session 

Each massage session is designed based on your current needs and well being. Medical conditions, injuries and current pain(s) are reviewed with our intake form and updated each session. 

Expect to experience more comfort and ease in your body, mind, and spirit with a massage that alleviates physical tension, pain and emotional stress. 

I aim to provide you with an experience that affirms and energizes your ability to enjoy life!

Thank you for visiting my website and enjoy your day.

      Kristina Peary, Licensed Massage Therapist 

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LENS NEUROFEEDBACK and Counseling Services  are now being offered by Kristina through her Licensed Professional Counseling services. Improves mental health and functioning as well as chronic pain, often dramatically. Treatments can be added to you massage session with an additional fee. Lens Neurofeedback also treats other physical and mental health conditions. Call Kristina for more information.  

FREE Infant Massage Instruction available per request. Parents and any interested family member or caregiver are encouraged to attend before or after the baby's birth. Babies are encouraged to attend as well of course! Call for more information and to sign up. If you want to arrange a class for a group, please call Kristina.

CHAIR MASSAGE   services for employers on the work-site are available.  

Kristina was invited to Wayne Memorial Hospital's yearly "Midwifery Tea". She has been invited to present infant massage information at the child birth education courses at Wayne Memorial Hospital.


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to you as an individual and to our community.